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Trouble is brewing again at the Maruti plant in Manesar, Haryana. As with the previous iteration of the tensions between the management and workers, the standoff results from the unwillingness of the former to allow workers to create an independent union. Instead, they were asked to sign a ‘good conduct’ agreement, which aims to remake the thinking/feeling worker into a homo sacer

Also interesting is the relative (non) representation of this issue in the 24×7 media when compared to the wall-to-wall coverage of the anti-corruption stir that had erupted recently. It seems corruption for it only signifies the excesses of the state qua politicians and not other kinds of exploitative relationships.

UPDATE (11.9.2011)

In what is a very typical report on the matter (ie providing only the management’s side of the story), the Hindu reports that workers refusing to sign the said bond will be replaced. The deadline is 12 September.

UPDATE (17.9.2011)

The latest issue of Tehelka has a detailed report on the labour conflict, which is about much more than just ‘good conduct’.

UPDATE (19.9.2011)

Times of India reports that three ‘leaders’ of the worker’s struggle have been arrested by Haryana Police, on what seem like trumped up charges. The same newspaper also reported that the strike has cost that state Rs. 24 crores in VAT revenue.