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My nest was on the tree near the Jokhang Temple,
After my days work I always felt relaxed after looking at the temple.
I spent my days and nights over there.
The calmness on the faces of the monks made me calm.
When they chanted their mantra,
I chirped.
When I chirped,
They chanted.
I felt we were alike.

Gradually the land became polluted
My tree was cut and my eggs broke.
The temples had a similar fate.
Now we were more alike.
I chirped more often,
And they chanted more often.

One day I decided to leave and fly to another land.
Before leaving I looked at them,
They looked at me and cried,
Oh yes we are alike!
We left our land and flew,
to a world unknown to us.

Since then we have been together,
With every change in season we build a new nest for us,
And cry for the Home we have left behind